Not just your regular hair cut. Get a true barbershop experience.

At J-Royals Barbershop we offer grooming and new trend & classic cuts for the men in Fresno. We give clean cuts in a clean, modern relaxed environment. Our goal is to make you feel and look great for any occasion.

Our barbers have been through school and professionally trained. They have the skill set and dedication needed to deliver first-class haircuts.

Haircut in Fresno, CA

Haircuts / 30+ Minutes

Whether you’re looking for that nice clean gentleman’s look or the classic simple razor fade, our barbers have you covered. We use classic barber skills passed on from generation to generation with scissors and razor, using relaxing shampoo & conditioner. A haircut at J-Royals Barbershop is that haircut above the rest.
Straight Razor Shave Fresno, CA

Straight Razor Shave / 30+ Minutes

Straight razor shaves have been around for decades. It plays a really big part in the barber history. The straight razor shave makes a shave experience like no other. The shave comes with a straight razor blade, pre-shave oil, and after shave finish.
Hot Towel Shave Fresno, CA

Hot Towel Shave / 45+ Minutes

Relaxing, refreshing, pampering, traditional yet modern hot towel shave. Our hot towel shave consist of hot towels, hot lather electrical message, and ends with a cold towel and face conditioning. This whole process is performed by one of our expert barbers.
Razor Blade Lineup Fresno, CA

Razor Blade Line Up / 20+ Minutes

A line up can change your whole look. Crisp sharp edges and straight lines will make a haircut pop. We cut around the edges, natural hair line and neck giving a more defiant look. We use a straight razor, shaving gel, and shaving cream finishing with after shave.